Romancing The Voters



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Adam Smith, Leonard Read, Ben Rogge and the faculty of the Foundation for Economic Education, Dale Carnegie, The Reason Foundation, The Cato Institute, American Enterprise Institute, Barry Goldwater, Henry Hazlitt, Ludwig von Mises, Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman, Friedrich Hayek, James Buchanan, Henry George, John Kenneth Galbraith, John Rawls, Robert Reich, Murray Rothbard, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, and my friend, mentor, and Best Man, Professor, Bernie Siegan.


Romancing The Voters

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Democracy and Majority Vote Not What You Think

Despite a very long Romance with the voters “Democracy” simply means majority rule -- for good or bad. No U.S. President or Congress has ever represented the majority of the people, and, almost never more than a third.

Chapter 2

Liberals and Conservatives Think Differently

A curious thing about political opinions is how often the same people line up on opposite sides of different issues.

Chapter 3

Gun Ignorance

About guns, we only know a fraction of what there is to know, more is unknown than known, and most of it wrong.

Chapter 4

Death Penalty

My father was shot in the chest during a 1976 holdup in Dallas by a former employee on parole for murder.

Chapter 5

Bread and Circuses--Is 'Tea Party' rooted in ancient Rome?

The world is moved by men of principle. Sad to say, many people fear men and women of principle.

Chapter 6

Why Is America Rich?

Americans are richer today in most ways than were kings and queens, princes and potentates historically.

Chapter 7

Media Ignore Individuals in Gap between Rich and Poor

When billionaire Bill Gates walks into McDonald’s, the “average income” of all skyrockets to more than $1 billion.

Chapter 8

Increasing Minimum Wage Would Generate Adverse Result

Those calling for raising the "learning wage" to $9.00 declare even this is not enough to live on, why the hypocrisy?

Chapter 9

The 47 percent Who Don’t Pay Taxes

The Democratic Party has been the “party of the rich” for decades, led by rich media manipulators.

Chapter 10

The Gap Between Ignorance, Misinformation, Disinformation

“A cause of many of our mistakes and problems is ignorance —ignorance of the facts about the rest of the world.”

Chapter 11

What Is the Purpose of Taxes in Your City?

Professional sports fans said heck, if you're gonna subsidize the arts we want our share of the fishes and the loaves.

Chapter 12

Kill the Oil Speculators

When speculators acquire oil supplies they perform a public service, even if unintentional

Chapter 13

Oil Finite But Inexhaustible

The sun is finite; the sun's energy is undeniably inexhaustible. Oil, like the sun, is finite and inexhaustible.

Chapter 14

Why Martin Luther King was a Republican

“The Democrat Party, from inception ‘til 1964 was the party of slavery, secession and segregation.” Rev. Perryman

Chapter 15

Ronald Reagan Carries a Message to Garcia

Ronald Reagan’s wife pleaded with him not to make her go to another insufferable political event. So he...


I am indebted to the following whose writings/teachings have contributed mightily to the political issues addressed in an easy to read Handbook. This thin, concise book is designed to give you more than a “Bumper Sticker” response to some major issues of the day, and test the things you know, or think you know, or believe are right, and determine if your learning has been superficial.

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