Romancing The Voters


You can depend on this brief Handbook, when you need to be quickly conversant on issues you do not have time to research and you want more political power. Political Cross Dressing is the art of using your adversary‚Äôs own talking points against him or her. It is vitally important to learn both sides of various issues to avoid being blind-sided. We all hold contradictory beliefs - we understand the meaning of words differently. You can use this to your advantage. Politics and elections today are about who gets nearly $4  trillion of government spending (2013) and who pays for it. This Handbook is a compilation of some of the most persuasive responses taken from over 500 books about numerous political issues. Those issues that resurface year after year in the press and in friendly discussions. The best part: You do not have to buy all 500 books to get the most cogent nuggets.